How to Sell Your House Without a Real Estate Agent in Kentucky


Selling FSBO or (for sale by owner) can be a lucrative way of saving money on expensive real estate commissions but it can be a daunting task without the help of a professional real estate agent.

In Kentucky, the process of selling a house FSBO without a real estate agent can be complicated, but it is not impossible.

In this article, we will guide you through the process selling a Kentucky house without a real estate agent, step by step.

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Selling For Sale by Owner / FSBO FAQs

Q: Can I sell my house in Kentucky without a real estate agent?

A: Yes, you can sell your house in Kentucky without a real estate agent or FSBO.

Q: How do I set the right price for my FSBO house?

A: To set the right price for your FSBO house, you need to conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) and compare your house to similar houses that have recently sold in your area. See our step by step guide below on how to estimate fair market value.

Q: Do I need to prepare my house before selling it?

A: Yes, preparing your house before selling it FSBO is essential to make a good impression on prospective buyers. See our 8 step checklist for preparing a house for sale.

Q: Can I negotiate the price with directly with potential buyers?

A: Yes, FSBO sellers can negotiate the price with potential buyers to get the best price for your property.

Q: Do I have to Pay Buyer’s Agent Commission when Selling FSBO?

A: If you’ve entered a real estate contract with a buyer’s agent you’re likely required to pay the buyer’s agent commission outlined in the contract. FSBO sellers may be able to negotiate the buyer’s agent commission but this isn’t common practice. It actually may be in your best interest to offer a competitive buyer’s agent commission to create more competition for your house.

Q: Do I need to hire a real estate attorney to sell FSBO?

A: Yes, Kentucky is one of a few states where hiring a real estate attorney is required to complete a real estate transaction. Many will help manage your paperwork during contract negotiation and they will handle filing legal documents as part of the closing process.

Selling FSBO: Pros & Cons

Pros of Selling FSBO

  • Save money on real estate agents commissions
  • You don’t have to work through a listing agent, you can negotiate directly with the prospective buyer

Cons of Selling FSBO

  • Access to the MLS may be limited, unless you hire one of the flat fee mls companies.
  • You’ll have to handle showing and open houses
  • You’ll negotiate the final sale price

Common FSBO Sellers Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Incorrect Pricing: One of the biggest mistakes FSBO sellers make is pricing their home incorrectly. Overpricing can make your house sit on the market for too long, while underpricing can make you lose money. It’s important to do thorough research on comparable properties in your area to determine the right price for your home.
  2. Inadequate Marketing: Marketing your home is key to attracting potential buyers. Without a real estate agent, a FSBO seller may not know how to properly market their home or have access to the same resources as agents. It’s important to create a strong online presence and have professional photos taken to showcase your property.
  3. Failing to Disclose Information: FSBO Sellers have a legal obligation to disclose any known issues or defects with their property. Not disclosing such information can lead to legal issues down the line. It’s important to be transparent about the condition of your home to avoid any legal troubles.
  4. Inefficient Showings: Buyers may be less likely to visit a home without a real estate agent because they assume it’s harder to schedule a showing or negotiate the purchase. FSBO sellers should make sure they are available for showings and have a streamlined process in place for scheduling and conducting showings.
  5. Lack of Negotiation Skills: Negotiating with buyers is an important part of the selling process. Without a real estate agent, a FSBO seller may not have the same negotiation skills or experience. It’s important to be prepared for negotiation and know your bottom line.

Understand the Kentucky Real Estate Market

As a FSBO seller the first step in selling your house without a real estate agent is to understand the real estate market in your local market. This means you need to do your research and gather information about the current real estate trends, average house prices, and other relevant data.

There are several online resources available that can help you gain a better understanding of the Kentucky real estate market. Some of the most popular ones include Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia. These websites offer comprehensive data about the housing market, including average house prices, the number of homes sold, and the average time a house stays on the market.

Set the Right Price

One of the most critical steps in selling your house FSBO is setting the right price. Setting the right price can make or break a sale, and it requires careful consideration of several factors, including the current market trends, the condition of your house, and its location.

To set the right price, you need to conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA), which involves comparing your house to similar houses that have recently sold in your area. This will help you determine the right price range for your house.

How to Estimate Fair Market Value with a Comparative Market Analysis

  1. Gather information about the property: The first step is to gather information about the property, such as its size, age, location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and any recent renovations or upgrades.
  2. Research recent sales: The next step is to research recent sales of similar properties in the same area. Look for properties that are similar in size, age, and features to your property that have sold recently.
  3. Analyze active listings: Analyze active listings in the area to see what other properties are currently on the market and how they compare to your property. Note, these properties haven’t sold yet so they may not be in-line with the market condition. One way to tell if a property is overpriced is evaluating the days on market. If it’s over 60 days that may be an indication, it’s overpriced.
  4. Adjust for differences: After analyzing recent sales and active listings, make adjustments for any differences between the properties, such as location, size, features, condition of the property and any needed repairs.

Prepare Your House for Sale: Our 8 Step Checklist to Sell FSBO

Preparing your house for sale is essential to make a good impression on potential buyers. This involves decluttering your house, fixing any visible repairs, and cleaning the house thoroughly. You can also consider staging your house to make it more appealing to buyers. Here’s a checklist to prepare your house for sale by owner.

  1. Declutter and depersonalize: Remove personal items, excess furniture, and clutter to make the space look larger and more neutral.
  2. Deep clean: Clean every inch of the house, including floors, carpets, walls, windows, and appliances.
  3. Repair and fix: Fix any leaks, replace broken fixtures, touch up paint, and repair any damage.
  4. Enhance curb appeal: Make a good first impression by ensuring the exterior of the home looks inviting. Clean the front porch, add some potted plants, and consider painting the front door.
  5. Stage the home: Arrange furniture to maximize space, add some tasteful décor, and ensure that each room has a clear purpose.
  6. Make small upgrades: Add a fresh coat of paint, upgrade light fixtures, or replace cabinet hardware to add value to the home.
  7. Address any odor issues: Remove any sources of unpleasant odors, such as pet odors, cigarette smoke, or mildew.
  8. Ensure proper lighting: Make sure each room is well-lit, and consider adding accent lighting to highlight key features.

Market Your Property

Once your house is ready for sale, the next step is to market it to potential buyers. There are several ways to do this:

  • including listing your house on online real estate websites, such as Zillow
  • listing your house on flat fee FSBO websites
  • hiring a flat fee MLS company (Multiple Listing Service)
  • putting up FSBO yard signs in your neighborhood and creating flyers to distribute
  • Hire a professional real estate photographer to take high quality photos of your house, which can make your home stand out online.
  • Create virtual tours of your property to give buyers a better understanding of your house’s layout and features.

Show Your House

Once you start receiving inquiries from potential buyers, you will need to schedule showings for them to see your house. When showing your house, it’s important to keep it clean and tidy and remove any personal belongings.

During the showing, you can highlight the unique features of your house and answer any questions the buyers may have. You should also provide the buyers with a list of any recent repairs or upgrades you have made to the house.

Some buyers may be represented by real estate agents. It’s important when working with a buyer’s agent to understand their commission when you’re evaluating offers.

Negotiate Offers

When you receive offers from potential buyers, it’s essential to negotiate to get the best price for your property. You should carefully review each offer and consider factors such as the buyer’s financing, contingencies, and closing date.

If you’re not comfortable negotiating on your own, you can consider hiring a real estate attorney to help you navigate the negotiation process.

Finalize the Sale

Once you’ve accepted an offer, you will need to finalize the sale. This involves signing a purchase agreement with the buyer. Kentucky offers a standard real estate contract.

When the purchase agreement has been signed by both parties there’s often a due-diligence period where the buyer can request a property inspection at their expense. Most contacts include a clause where the seller can cancel the sale if something is discovered during the inspection process.

Finally, you will need to coordinate with the buyer’s lender to ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed, and the sale can close on time. Once the sale is finalized, you will receive the proceeds from the sale net any closing costs incurred from the real estate attorneys.


Selling your house in Kentucky without a Real Estate Agent can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can successfully sell your house without the help of a real estate agent. Remember to conduct thorough research, set the right price, prepare your house for sale, market your property, show your house to prospective buyers, negotiate offers, and finalize the sale. With some effort and dedication, you can successfully sell your house and move on to the next chapter in your life.

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