Sell My Land in KY Vacant Land in the Bluegrass

The easy way to sell your land in Kentucky. 

Sell with no out of pocket costs. No clean-up, commissions or closing costs.

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Kentucky Land Buyers | We Buy Land So You Can ” Sell My Land for Cash “

We Buy Land Fast in Kentucky

We buy land fast for cash anywhere in KY, and at any price. Whether you have 1 acre or 10,000 our direct land buying process is simple and, as a bonus, we pay for all closing costs, too.

If you are serious and ready to sell your land fast to a cash land buyer in KY get the process started today! Fill out the fast response form above or call me directly at (502) 849-5950. You can finally get rid of the KY land that’s been stressing you out when you sell your land fast for cash directly to us. Learn more about here us here.

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Sell Your House Fast to a Trusted Cash House Buyer in Louisville. KY

How Do I Sell My Land in KY?

At We Buy 502, we believe the process to sell your land should be fast and easy for KY land owners. If you’re serious about and ready to sell your land fast in KY , we are ready to make you a fair cash offer to buy your land fast. Best of all, when you sell us your land for cash, we buy it AS-IS. You can walk away and we’ll even clean up the property for you. It’s that easy and convenient.

If you’re thinking, I’m ready to sell my land in KY, call today

Call me at (502) 849-5950 or complete the form to get a cash offer on your land in KY

As cash property buyers we buy land, lots and parcels fast across KY. If you need to sell your land fast right now we’ll guide you through every step. To start, simply fill out our short information form below or give us a call at (502) 849-5950.

For land that qualifies, we can present you with a fair cash offer to buy your KY land fast with zero obligation.

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What is the process to sell my land in KY?

Our simple process to sell your land for cash in KY

Get a Cash Offer to Sell My House


Request a cash offer today!

Forget the traditional way to sell your land and avoid the hassle of listing your land with our KY Cash Offer Program. We can present you with a fair, cash offer in as little as 24 hours without obligations and no fees to buy your land.

Accept a Cash Offer to Sell My House


Tell us when you prefer to close.

We’ll make you a fair cash offer based on the market value and condition of your land.

The price we present covers everything. No hidden fees, no commissions and we buy land fast and in as-is condition.

Sell My House for Cash


Sell the land on your terms. Close quickly.

You choose the option to sell your land for cash that works best for you with zero obligation.

We close as fast as 7 days but if you need time to move, we can accommodate that too.

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The Best Way to Sell Your Land Fast in KY

Sell a House for Cash Fast

Sell Your Land Fast, in Days not Months

Because we buy land fast for cash in KY and surrounding areas we can close much faster than the traditional buying process. In what takes others weeks and months to sell land, we can present a cash offer in at little as 24 hours and close in 7 days. That means you can walk away, complete the sale of your land and have cash in your pocket fast.

Even if your land has a building as real estate investors we also buy homes, condos, apartments, rental property and other real-estate. Fill out the form above or call us at (502) 849-5950 for your cash offer.

Sell My Land Fast in KY for Cash and Walk Away

We help land owners just like you, in all kinds of situations. From divorce, foreclosure, death of a family member, and all kinds of other situations. We buy land in KY and pay a fair cash price. Sometimes, homeowners have lives that are too busy to take the time to do all of the things that typically need to be done to prepare a land to sell on the market. If that describes you, let us know about the land you’d like to be rid of. If you’re thinking, I’m ready to sell my land fast for cash in KY we can help.

If you simply don’t want to put up with the hassle of owning that land any longer but the hassle and time-consuming expense to sell your land the traditional way is just too much, contact us today. Once you let us know about the land you’d like to be rid of, you could have a fair, no-obligation, cash offer in 24 hours and close in 7 days!

When We Buy Land for Cash…

  • We’ll clean up the property – You never have to worry about cleaning it up or removing anything to prepare for sale.
  • Sell as-is – Does your land needs repairs you don’t want to make like gates, fences or roads? Great! We’ll do the repairs for you.
  • No commissions (and we’ll pay closing costs!) – We don’t charge commissions. Our profit comes from going through the hassle to sell it ourselves.
  • Fully confidential and private – Avoid having to share your information with agents, dozens of buyers, and the world on the MLS. Our process to buy your land is fully private and discreet.

We’ll know very quickly if we can help and, unlike the process to sell land through an agent, you don’t have to wait to see if the buyer can get financing – we’re ready to buy right now!

We Buy Land in Any Situation in KY

We solve difficult problems in KY by buying property regardless of the reason

Unique situations happen and you just need to sell your land fast. Whatever the reason for a quick sale we are experts in solving the problems you are facing. As a cash property buyer we buy fast in ways not possible through the traditional way to sell land in KY. You won’t need to make any improvements, commission or any other fees typically associated with the traditional process to sell your land like closing costs.

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Ways to Sell Your Land in KY

What’s the difference between our KY Cash Offer Program and the traditional way to sell your land?

We Buy 502 provides another option to sell your land in KY. No listing fees, no agent commissions, and a quick and hassle-free closing process. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of improvements prior to selling your land. Getting rid of the headache and hassle of dealing with an unwanted land is our service to you. There’s zero cash out of pocket for you, ever. See the side-by-side comparison below of the different ways to sell your land:

Our KY Cash Offer Program

cash house buyer program in Louisville, KY - icon

Sell your land to We Buy 502 for cash

We’ll make you a fair cash offer so you can sell your land without the hassles and stress of listing.

  • Competitive cash offer within 24 hours
    Tell us about your land and we’ll carefully evaluate it with our local market expertise to provide you with a fair, no-obligation offer to buy your land.
  • No Showings – No Hassles
    We buy land fast and in “as-is” condition so there are no visitors and clean-up needed.
  • You choose your closing day
    Once we make a cash offer, we are able to close in days, not months. You pick the date that is best for you to sell your land fast or later day that works for you.
  • We pay ALL closing costs
    Closing costs can add up, which is why we cover them for you. Absolutely zero extra costs, hidden fees our cash out of pocket when you sell.
  • Zero fees. Zero commissions.
    When we buy land fast, we charge no fees and no commissions. The sales price is the amount that goes into your pocket when you sell.
  • We’ll cover any repairs
    Does your land need repairs to roads, fences, etc? We’ll handle them for you. You can even leave behind unwanted items and we’ll haul them off at no extra charge.

The Traditional Way

selling a Louisville KY house without a realtor - icon

Listing your land with an agent

The amount of time, money, and stress involved with listing your land to sell adds up.

  1. The months it takes to sell add up
    Your land is costing you money the entire time it sits on the market. Some people just can’t wait 90 days to sell their land.
  2. Plenty of showings and disruption to your life
    Not only do you have to get your land ready to show, but the number of showings can provide a serious disruption to your life.
  3. It takes forever to close
    It takes anywhere from 30 to 60 days to close after accepting a buyer’s offer. That’s assuming that their financing doesn’t fall through…
  4. 1-2% in closing costs paid by you, the seller
    On average, a seller is responsible for up to 2% of the sales price in the form of closing costs when you sell your land.
  5. Fees and commissions stack up
    In addition to closing costs, commissions and fees stack up and reduce how much goes in your pocket at close. On average, 6% in commissions/fees are paid by a seller when you sell your land.
  6. You could be on the hook for repairs
    Depending on what pops up during the inspection period, you could be on the hook for repairs that you didn’t know you needed.
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FAQs for Selling Land Fast for Cash

Is Choosing to Sell My Land Fast to a Local Cash Property Buyer Right for Me?

Sell My Land in KY Vacant Land in the Bluegrass

Consider the effort of the traditional way vs the ease of selling land directly to a cash land buyer.

Listing with an agent works great if you have a property in perfect condition and can afford to wait for the right buyer. Selling land the traditional way requires you to deal with having dozens of people visit the property and buyers who may have their financing fall through. All this can add stress and months to the process. When you take the agent’s fees and concessions from buyer, the actual amount of cash you get in your pocket is almost never the price the land sells for.

Can I Sell My Land Online For Free in Kentucky?

Yes! It’s possible to sell your land online at no out of pocket cost to you. We’re looking for vacant land to buy throughout the state. If you have as little as an acre of forest or farm we would love to speak with you. We’ll even consider the timber value of your tract of land in our offer to you.

Is it Possible to Sell My Land Without a Real Estate Agent in Kentucky?

Yes, it’s possible to sell land without a real estate agent or land broker. It’s often overlooked as an option when property owners try to sell land because the process can be overwhelming. Most don’t know they can sell land directly to a cash land buyer in KY without the help of a real estate agent.

We specialize in buying property directly from land owners and handle the sale of the property directly. We buy land quickly, manage all the paperwork and associated costs with the sale.

How Do I Sell My Land By Owner in Kentucky?

There are few options to sell land directly by owner and some are easier than others.

  1. Sell your land directly to a neighbor. You might be surprised that a neighbor would be interested in buying your adjacent land for any variety of reasons. Whether to have some extra space to use at their discretion, raise some additional crops or possibly build a house on. If you don’t know who your neighbors are you could look up land records at the county clerks office.
  2. Sell your land to a someone local looking for land. Chances are someone nearby is looking for land, you just haven’t found them yet. While this is time-consuming work the effort to seek out buyers locally through Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or running a classified ad in the paper could help you find a buyer.
  3. Sell your land directly to a cash buyer. The option that many overlook is the easiest and most convenient, selling land directly to a local cash buyer. These property investors are actively looking for land to buy throughout the state and have the ability to pay cash and close quickly.

What Counties in KY Do You Buy Land In?

We buy land in every county in Kentucky. From Jefferson County Kentucky to Franklin County and each one in-between. A few of the most popular counties we buy land in are Adair County, Pulaski County, Barren County, Clay County, Fayette County and Whitley County but you can check out the full list of counties we buy land in.

Who Buys Land Cash in KY?

We Buy Vacant Land and Property Across KY

As local KY land buyers, we buy vacant land, lots, parcels, and hunting tracts from 1 acre to 10,000 acres.

Not only do we buy land fast in KY we buy properties all over KY. If you’re ready to sell your property fast for cash fill out the form above for call us directly at (502) 849-5950. We’re ready to make you a cash offer to buy your property. We also buy rental property, apartments, condos and other real estate.

Every County in KY We Buy Land

We Buy Land KYSell My Land KYSell My Land Fast KYCash Land Buyers KYCash Property Buyers KY
Adair CountyClay CountyHenderson CountyMarshall CountyRobertson County
Allen CountyClinton CountyHenry CountyMartin CountyRockcastle County
Anderson CountyCrittenden CountyHickman CountyMason CountyRowan County
Ballard CountyCumberland CountyHopkins CountyMcCracken CountyRussell County
Barren CountyDaviess CountyJackson CountyMcCreary CountyScott County
Bath CountyEdmonson CountyJefferson CountyMcLean CountyShelby County
Bell CountyElliott CountyJessamine CountyMeade CountySimpson County
Boone CountyEstill CountyJohnson CountyMenifee CountySpencer County
Bourbon CountyFayette CountyKenton CountyMercer CountyTaylor County
Boyd CountyFleming CountyKnott CountyMetcalfe CountyTodd County
Boyle CountyFloyd CountyKnox CountyMonroe CountyTrigg County
Bracken CountyFranklin CountyLaRue CountyMontgomery CountyTrimble County
Breathitt CountyFulton CountyLaurel CountyMorgan CountyUnion County
Breckinridge CountyGallatin CountyLawrence CountyMuhlenberg CountyWarren County
Bullitt CountyGarrard CountyLee CountyNelson CountyWashington County
Butler CountyGrant CountyLeslie CountyNicholas CountyWayne County
Caldwell CountyGraves CountyLetcher CountyOhio CountyWebster County
Calloway CountyGrayson CountyLewis CountyOldham CountyWhitley County
Campbell CountyGreen CountyLincoln CountyOwen CountyWolfe County
Carlisle CountyGreenup CountyLivingston CountyOwsley CountyWoodford County
Carroll CountyHancock CountyLogan CountyPendleton County
Carter CountyHardin CountyLyon CountyPerry County
Casey CountyHarlan CountyMadison CountyPike County
Christian CountyHarrison CountyMagoffin CountyPowell County
Clark CountyHart CountyMarion CountyPulaski County

We Buy Land, Homes and other Real Estate in KY

Hi, I’m Nyx Sherwin owner of We Buy 502. We’re a small, family-owned business located in Louisville, KY and we’ve also called Lexington and Bowling Green home.

We know selling a property can be a long and tiresome process. From repairs, to showings, negotiations and the waiting game to close. We believe there’s a better way to sell real estate that most don’t consider.  

Our process to buy your property is straightforward and simple.

We Buy 502